Part-Time FD

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Part-Time FD a great solution

The recruiment market for senior financial professionals in the UK continues to develop, and a often overlooked niche of this market, and one that is seeing rapid growth is the Part-Time Finance Director channel.   Not everyone in the market is looking for full time work, sometimes candidates are getting to the end of their career and whilst not wanting to retire, they wish to take on less in terms of time, child care commitments are another part of this market.   With candidates being in such short supply, by being flexible and open to new ways of thinking its possible to get a great candidate at a part-time cost, but one with all the skills of a full time one, and potentially one with up to 40 or more years of senior experience.

How to find a part-time Finance Director of FD

There are many recruitment agencies out there in the market, but few have the time or resource to offer a part-time FD, this is because their fee is lower and it takes more or less the same amount of time to place a part-time candidate as it does to place a full time one.  It doesn’t therefore really make sense for the larger agencies or more well known brand names to operate in this sub sector of the market.   There is however an active niche of companies that do specialise in this very niche.    We work closely with one we can recommend particularly if you are a London based company seeking a London FD, they are know are FD Capital and as their name suggests, they are based in the UK’s Capital London and are focused on recruiting FD’s and CFOs.

What are the benefit of a Part-Time FD

There are many a few being:-

  • Part-time = Fractional Cost
  • Access to skills not otherwise on the market, e.g candidate close to retirement
  • Variety of work is more interesting for candidate
  • Attract candidates not otherwise interested in working for a SME or Microcompany
  • Strong skills within M&A space
  • Strong skills within Debt and Equity Fund raising
  • Wide Experience of business

So why not give this model a try?   Often Part-Time FD’s are billed on the basis of the time they work, so a Pay as You Go model, you only pay for the days worked, so there is not too many risks or downsides to this arrangement.


A Part-TIme FD can be a great alternative which is becoming more accepted and more mainstream as a way to fulfill your senior Finance Team Requirements.