Professional development is what will set you apart from other financial executives. As a senior finance leader, working with a coach is a way of investing in yourself and your company. At FD Capital, we work with financial executives at every stage of their careers. We’ve seen first-hand the difference that coaching for senior finance leaders can make to their career and recruitment outcomes.

The pandemic changed the world of work forever. We swapped offices for kitchen tables and water cooler chats for coffee shop meetups. While the pandemic inspired a remote working revolution, it also showed us that working from home can save finance leaders an hour or more per day.

A CFO who doesn’t lead on strategy is not the right CFO for your business. The role of CFO is one of the fastest evolving positions within the c-suite leadership team. As companies adapt to the changing working environment and the post-pandemic challenges, the strategic role of CFO is becoming more important than ever before.

London has long been considered one of the world’s capitals for financial investment. It’s a city full of start-ups, PLCs, and businesses on track to realise their potential. Not every London business is at the stage where they have a fully fledge leadership team or a 100-person office. In recent years, there has been a rising trend amongst successful London businesses – and it’s all about the team around them.

The Core Skills Every CFO Needs: A CFO is a leader, advisor, and forecaster as a key part of any organization’s c-suite team. It’s one position that every financial executive aspires to achieve – but the competition is fierce. Your skill set is what can set you apart from the competition.

Curating your CV is the first hurdle of any recruitment process – and often the one most financial executives dread. Building anything in life requires you to form a solid foundation. That’s the role your CV plays during the recruitment process. It’s a snapshot of your career and your suitability for the role.

The world of work has changed forever. As long as you have a laptop and wi-fi, you can work from anywhere for anyone. You’re no longer limited to looking for opportunities in Israel or locally near your home. Now you can look as far as Lisbon or London for opportunities. If you’re a financial professional, the sky’s the limit

The role of CFO is constantly evolving. Today’s CFOs take on a more strategic and operational role than ever before. As CFO, you’ll be a link between every stakeholder in your company. You’ll be expected to present your forecasting to board members and provide strategic insights to ground the decision-making of your CEO.

Recruitment can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks for any organization. You want to make sure you find the best talent possible and the candidate who will hit the ground running. It’s no surprise that most companies within the industry choose to work with finance recruitment agencies to streamline the process.

Finding a CFO at short notice isn’t always easy. Interim CFOs exist to fill a short-term role in your company. You may need to cover a staff absence or the help of a CFO to oversee the restructuring of your company. The most effective way to hire an interim CFO at short notice is by working with a specialist recruitment agency.

The ‘Great Resignation’ is still ongoing as companies lose employees at every career stage with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating that 47 million Americans voluntarily leaving their jobs in 2021 alone

Partnerships are the backbone of any business. The relationship between CEO and CFO is the most important of them all. A CEO choosing their CFO is like a Presidential candidate searching for their VP. The CFO is the CEO’s co-pilot, trying to navigate the company through each hurdle.

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