FD Capital Launches Head Of Finance Recruitment Team

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London, April 2024 | FD Capital, the leading boutique financial recruitment agency, is continuing to expand its portfolio with a Head of Finance recruitment team.FD Capital’s recruitment niches, such as CFOs and Financial Controllers, has seen the agency become the premier choice for financial recruitment.

A Head of Finance is responsible for overseeing a company’s financial operations and day-to-day activities, including risk management, forecasting, budgeting, and investments. They will ensure that the company’s financial activities align with its strategic goals, including identifying investment opportunities and ensuring regulatory compliance. A Head of Finance typically reports to the CFO or CEO and is responsible for managing a company’s finance department.

This announcement follows the agency’s launch of its Financial Controller recruitment team earlier this year. Start-ups and SMEs can recruit a Head of Finance as an alternative to a CFO or Financial Controller as the role has gained more versatility in recent years. These highly qualified financial professionals typically have at least a decade of experience within the financial industry.

FD Capital’s new Head of Finance recruitment team offers part-time, interim, and permanent roles for companies of all sizes, providing renewed flexibility for financial professionals. The agency operates on both sides of the recruitment process, offering traditional recruiting alongside headhunting services. The specialist team will also provide tailored advice for candidates applying for Head of Finance roles, including for contract negotiation and interview preparation.

Financial professionals seeking to take the next step in their career can apply for a part-time or full-time Head of Finance position to expand their portfolio. The role of Head of Finance is considered a strong stepping stone towards the position of CFO, one of FD Capital’s main recruitment specialities.

The rise of remote and flexible working has seen FD Capital grow its domestic and international presence, recruiting for part-time and specialist senior financial professional roles. While FD Capital built its early reputation for CFO recruitment, it has since expanded with the launch of several dedicated recruitment teams, including for financial controllers and international Financial Directors.

About FD Capital: FD Capital is a boutique financial recruitment agency based in the heart of London’s financial district. It connects start-ups and businesses with senior financial professionals with experience working with PLCs, venture capitalists, and fundraising.

FD Capital recruits financial professionals at all levels with a tailored approach for each client, including CFOs and Financial Directors. The company is launching a team of Head of Finance professionals to work on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis for companies domestically and internationally.

You can find out more about FD Capital and its new Head of Finance recruitment team at https://www.fdcapital.co.uk/head-of-finance-recruitment/

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