FD Capital Welcomes Abby Langstaff as Managing Partner

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London, August 2022 | FD Capital continues the next phase of its expansion by welcoming Abby Langstaff as Managing Partner. Abby arrives at FD Capital after establishing her own recruitment agency, Digitech, which provides customised business solutions to support tech SMEs and start-ups by connecting them with engineering talent.

Based in Dubai, Ms Langstaff’s addition to the FD Capital team is another vote of confidence for its global expansion. Her diverse portfolio includes working as a Senior Consultant in Australia for AUREC and as a Managing Consultant at Headstar in the UK.

At Digitech Recruitment, Ms Langstaff works with clients across the blockchain, crypto, cloud technologies, and fintech industries. This work also includes providing career advice and connecting technology professionals, including product developers and sales specialists, with career opportunities.

Her experience with career development lends itself to FD Capital’s curated one-to-one approach to recruitment. Ms Langstaff has over 7 years of global experience identifying talent and working within the technology and fintech industry. Her work has taken her to Australia, Europe, the USA, and the UAE.

Ms Langstaff is the latest addition to FD Capital’s senior leadership team, alongside Minesh Parmar, who joins as Chief Executive. Their global experience will enable FD Capital’s expansion as it recruits for an increasing number of remote working opportunities with companies based in the UK and beyond.

As Managing Partner, Ms Langstaff will expand on FD Capital’s expertise within the fintech and SaaS industries. Her work within emerging and disruptive technology trends and digital transformation will allow FD Capital to develop its talent acquisition across new sectors.

The niche recruitment agency has made a name for itself with its talent pool of part-time, full-time, and interim financial executives with experience working with PE houses and within the technology industry.

Adrian Lawrence, Director of FD Capital, welcomes Ms Langstaff to the company’s leadership team.

About FD Capital: FD Capital is a boutique financial recruitment agency based in London and operates throughout the UK. It connects start-ups and businesses with senior financial professionals with experience working with PLCs, venture capitalists, and fundraising.

FD Capital recruits financial professionals at all levels with a tailored approach for each client, including CFOs and Financial Directors. The company is launching a team of international FD and CFOs to work on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis with companies outside the UK.

You can find out more about FD Capital and its team at www.fdcapital.co.uk.

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